Top Online Colleges in Georgia with no Application Fee

Online Colleges in Georgia with no application fee

Online Colleges in Georgia with No Application Fee: Thinking about going to college but concerned about application fees? Wondering which online colleges in Georgia don’t charge fees to apply? You’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide discusses the top online colleges in Georgia that waive application fees.

We’ll cover the background on application fees, why some colleges don’t charge them, and the benefits of attending an online program. You’ll learn about several excellent online colleges located in Georgia that do not require an upfront application cost. We’ll delve into details like available degree programs, costs, resources for students, and more.

By the end, you’ll feel informed to choose an online college in Georgia that’s free to apply to. But first, let’s look at some key background context.

What are College Application Fees?

Most colleges and universities charge prospective students a fee just to submit an application for admission. These non-refundable fees are commonly between $30-$100, but can be higher for certain competitive or private institutions.

The purpose of application fees is to help cover the costs colleges incur from processing applications. This includes things like:

  • Reviewing applicant transcripts, test scores, essays, and other materials
  • Communicating with applicants about application status
  • Conducting interviews (for some programs)
  • Storing application records
  • General administrative work associated with recruiting and admissions

While application fees may seem like a barrier, colleges argue they are necessary to support the application process in a sustainable way. However, some schools opt to waive fees as a way to promote greater access and affordability.

Why Do Some Colleges Not Charge Fees?

There are a few key reasons why certain online colleges in Georgia decide not to charge application fees:

  1. Increase Access – Waiving fees removes a potential financial obstacle that could deter qualified applicants. It opens the door wider to all students regardless of background.
  2. Promote Affordability – Not having to pay an upfront cost makes the college appear more budget-friendly overall. It fits with a mission of keeping education costs low.
  3. Grow Enrollment – Without fees, more students may be inclined to apply. Colleges without fees can cast a wider recruiting net. More applications mean a better chance of growing the student body size.
  4. Serve Target Demographics – Some programs aim to help non-traditional students like military members, working adults, or those switching careers. Waiving fees eliminates barriers for these groups.
  5. Online Format – Since online programs don’t require things like campus visits, some colleges argue their application process doesn’t warrant separate costs.

For these reasons, online colleges that don’t charge fees see it as beneficial both for students and their broader enrollment and recruitment goals. Now let’s explore top options in Georgia.

Top Online Colleges in Georgia with No Application Fee

There are several excellent online colleges located in Georgia that do not charge application fees. Here are some of the best to consider:

South University – Online

South University is a private nonprofit university with campuses across the United States. Their online programs allow students flexibility to earn a quality education without having to relocate. One great benefit of South University – Online is that they do not charge an application fee.

While many colleges and universities charge $30-50 or more just to submit an application, South University – Online waives this fee. They want qualified students to have the opportunity to pursue their educational goals without financial barriers.

The application process is quick and easy. Students simply need to fill out the online form providing basic contact and academic history. No essays or additional materials are required at the application stage. Acceptance decisions are made on a rolling basis.

South University offers over 50 online degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including fields like business, nursing, psychology, criminal justice and more. Courses are 100% online, allowing students to study on their own schedule.

East Georgia State College

Located in Swainsboro, Georgia, East Georgia State College (EGSC) is a two-year college within the University System of Georgia. One notable aspect of EGSC is that they do not charge prospective students any fees to apply for admission.

EGSC’s application fee waiver policy aims to increase access through perceived affordability. It represents the college’s commitment to removing unnecessary barriers that may prevent motivated students from furthering their education.

For students on tight budgets, every dollar counts, and EGSC wants qualified applicants to focus solely on their academics and goals—not on coming up with extra money just to submit an application. Therefore, if you are considering applying to a college in Georgia without an application fee, then EGSC is a school of choice.

Brenau University

Brenau University is a private women’s university located in Gainesville, Georgia. One thing that sets Brenau apart from other private colleges is that they do not require applicants to pay an application fee.

In addition to being application fee-free, Brenau also offers competitive academic scholarship packages. Merit-based scholarships are awarded based on factors like GPA and standardized test scores. Need-based financial aid is also available to those who qualify.

Brenau prides itself on offering a private school education at a public school price. Small class sizes allow for personal attention from professors. Programs are offered in fields like education, health sciences, business and fine arts.

The campus has residence halls, academic buildings and recreational facilities located within walking distance of each other. Brenau is in a safe, historic district and is near outdoor activities like hiking trails.


Q: What programs does Brenau University offer?

A: Brenau University offers over 75 academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Popular majors include education, management, healthcare administration, fashion merchandising, forensic science, graphic design and more. Full program listings can be found on Brenau’s Academics page.

Q: Does Brenau have on-campus housing?

A: Yes, Brenau has several on-campus housing options for students. Traditional-style residence halls, suite-style halls and apartments are available. All include WiFi, furniture, utilities and more. First-year students are required to live on campus.

Q: What is the admissions process like at Brenau?

A: The admissions process at Brenau is straightforward. Students submit a completed application, high school transcript, letters of recommendation, personal statement and standardized test scores. No application fee is required. Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis after receiving all materials. Students are encouraged to apply early for scholarship consideration.

Q: How much does it cost to attend Brenau University?

A: Brenau’s estimated annual cost of attendance is around $35,000 for tuition, fees, room/board and books. However, most Brenau students receive some form of financial assistance. Academic and need-based scholarships significantly lower the actual costs paid. Out-of-state students may pay higher rates. The Financial Aid Office can provide a more accurate quote based on individual circumstances.

Point University

Located in West Point, Georgia, Point University is a private Christian university that offers top-quality online programs at affordable prices. With over 60 years of experience providing higher education, Point University has established itself as one of the premier online schools in the state.

One major advantage of Point University is its lack of an application fee. While many online colleges charge upfront fees just to apply, Point University waives this cost, making the enrollment process simple and affordable. Students can apply for admission completely free of charge. This removes a significant financial barrier that deters many prospective students.

In addition to having no application fee, Point University keeps overall costs low through competitive tuition rates and generous financial aid options. Students can earn a quality online degree from Point University without taking on excessive debt. Affordability and accessibility are major strengths that have attracted many students to Point University programs.

Academically, Point University is highly reputed for its online programs in Business, Education, Healthcare, and Christian Ministry. Online classes are offered in accelerated eight-week formats, allowing motivated students to complete their degrees more quickly. Point University also offers various student support services online, such as library resources, tutoring, and career counseling.

University of Georgia (UGA)

As the state’s flagship public research university, UGA is highly reputable and offers 100% online bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, certificates, and EdD programs. The school has no application fees for any online or distance learning programs.

UGA offers flexible, affordable tuition, currently around $255 per credit hour for online courses. Online degrees are of equal value to on-campus degrees, with over 200 online programs available across various fields.

Summary on Online Colleges in Georgia with no Application Fee

If you’re looking for online colleges in Georgia with no application fee, then the following schools should be on your list: South University – online, East Georgia State College, Brenau University, Point University, and the University of Georgia.

When considering an online college in Georgia, be sure to factor in any potential application fees that could drive up the total cost of admission and enrollment. These top schools offer quality accredited degrees without an application fee barrier, allowing students to focus on their studies.

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