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College Pace – About us page

Let’s simplify your College applications! At, you can uncover institutions that suit you, and manage the entire application process. Every college has its own culture, activities and groups, sports, departments, and career options. With just a click, College Pace can help you find universities that match your interests, academic performance, and test scores.

When you subscribe to the colleges you’re interested in, you’ll receive news on new research, sports, and activities (among other things) for these schools.

Subscribing to these universities will also add all of their deadlines to your calendar as well as application checklists for students. You can keep track of deadlines, test dates, college news stories, financial aid information, tailored chances, and your academic profile all in one spot with College Pace!

College Pace makes it simple to stay on schedule. College Pace also provides parents and counselors with tools to assist students in finding the right institutions, as well as keeping parents and counselors up to date on students’ deadlines and application status.

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